SJCAM SJ8 4k Action Camera boasts 4K@60fps, GPS, Dual Screens and More!

The race for who will knock GoPro off of the throne as Action Camera King is heating up. 2018 may be the year with GoPro is finally replaced on the “Best Action Camera of  …” lists.

PoshGadgets reported that they just received a leak picture of the SJ8 Native 4k Action Camera with 4K@60fps from SJCAM. While it probably will only support EIS up to 4K@30fps, this is more than enough for action camera usage.

The SJ8 has several features that the Gopro Hero5 and Yi4k+ don’t have. While SJ8’s specs are still only tentative/guesswork, things like GPS, dual screens and FPV PWM mode will set it apart from its competitors.

Things like the User Interface have not been confirmed. The SJ6 Legend and SJ7 Star Native 4K action camera UI was good, but, if SJ8 is able to up the ante, user experience will be that much better and the SJ8 could very possibly topple all other candidates on the Best Action Camera of 2018 lists.

Other Speculated SJCAM SJ8 Specs Include:
Ambarella H22 Chipset
Sony IMX377 Sensor
Dual Screen – 2.33″ Touchscreen + 0.96″ Front
GPS (External)
FPV Mode (PWM)
RAW Support
Live Streaming
24fps / 25fps
Voice Control
Dual Microphones
2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi
Distortion Correction
USB Type-C
External Mic Support
2.4GHz Remote Support
Slow Motion
EIS (Gyro) up to 4K30Fps

Feel free to ask questions, comment or review the SJCAM SJ8 Here!



Aspire 26650 Battery Powers NX100, 100w Vape Mods


Aspire 26650 Battery Cell Description:

New Aspire Li-ion  4200mAh INR 26650 3.7V battery, works with the new NX100 mod as well as other 26650 mods.

This battery is true to specs and beats all other 26650 batteries on the market. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more info on this battery cell.

Aspire to be fully TPD/FDA Compliant, Meet Deadlines

Dear Valued Aspire Customers,

For those of you who are affected by FDA/TPD regulation guidelines, Aspire is working hard and making progress on both fronts.

Aspire is working to meet the FDA guidelines. We have retained a lawyer are working to register products and company. We will also be completing the ingredients listings which are due February 17, 2017.

As most of us know, in the USA, we will have at least two years to continue selling products that were already on the market before August 8, 2016.

Regarding the FDA’s PMTA process which will be due at the end of this two year period, Aspire will apply for as many products as we can. We do not have any specific number of products we will submit. We also do not have a specific time line.

The TPD November 20 deadline is approaching soon. Aspire is completing required TPD emissions and toxicology testing. The test results will confirm and ensure that Aspire vaping hardware is safe to use with E-liquids. TPD material submissions will only be provided to European governments via the submission portal. Some test results will also be required by the FDA and we will share the reports with the FDA when necessary.

Customers will not need to register to sell Aspire products for either TPD or FDA. Aspire will take all necessary steps to ensure you can continue reselling Aspire products as you have in the past. For this reason, we will not be releasing any files to the public.

We will have product registrations complete TPD by Mid-November. Please stay tuned to this blog as we will be releasing more FDA and TPD news.


<strong>Aspire Team</strong>

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Aspire Cleito 120 RTA – Vape Your Way



Cleito120 RTA System

Due to popular demand Aspire has released this Cleito 120 RTA adapter system. The Cleito 120 RTA adapter builds on the success of the smaller Cleito RTA for the Cleito tank. A larger deck size allows for more space to make more complex coil builds. This adapter kit also comes with a single coil build adapter. Whether dual coil or single coil build, the Cleito 120 RTA satisfies all RTA builder’s preferences. Lastly, as with all RTA’s the DIY aspect of the Cleito 120 RTA allows you to tweak coil builds to realize optimized flavor results. If you love your Cleito 120 tank, you will love the additional coil build options this RTA kit provides.




Cletio 120 RTA System Exploded View



Clieto 120 RTA Airflow


The Cleito 120 RTA enables the same smooth controlled adjustable airflow that the regular Cleito 120 tank provides. Optimized wicking hole design allows high VG E-Liquid an even faster route to the coil system. Cleito 120 RTA breathes without a hitch when you require thick dense vapor production.


Single Coil Build Adapter



This single coil adapter allows you to vape using a single coil build. Use this adapter to get different flavor results and to lower things like mod power consumption and e-liquid consumption.



Cleito 120 RTA Coil Installation



Cleito 120 RTAs is extremely easy-to-build. Insert either the Cleito 120 RTA pre-built coils or your own custom build, then tighten the grub screws.





Cleito 120 RTA Package Contents: 1x Cleito120 RTA / 2x Pre-installed Clapton coils / 8x Extra Grub Screws / 1x Allen Wrench / 5x Extra O-ring Sets / 1x Baggy of Cotton



Aspire Archon 150 watt Mod Picture gallery

Have you heard of the new powerful dual 18650 Archon Mod from Aspire yet? If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you have.  In this post we will merely show off some Archon pictures. Some of them are paired with Cleito 120 as this Maxi-Watt tank can be powered up to around 150 watts (it is rated for 100-120w vaping). Subscribe to this blog, also and stay up-to-date on all the latest Aspire Vape news!


Aspire PockeX AIO is a Heavy Hitting Pocket Device

1920X825 300DPI KV

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO

Being just a bit shorter than the iPhone 5s, the Aspire PockeX is the ultimate pocket All-in-One (AIO) device. Packed with a 0.6Ω stainless steel Nautilus X U-Tech coil, the PockeX is a sub-ohm device. The PockeX has a wider drip-tip and larger top-airflow allowing for increased vapor production.

PockeX’s discrete size and low-profile sub-ohm vapor production makes the PockeX your must-have vape while indoors or on-the-go.

Aspire PockeX Dimensions

Compact 11.77cm*1.97cm dimensions allow you to slide the PockeX into literally any pocket, bag or enclosure. The PockeX is one of the shortest tube shaped pocket AIO’s offering superb flavor and dense vapor production.

Aspire PockeX Colors

Pockie X 01

Available in Matte Black, Rose Gold, Pantone White and Stainless Steel, pick your favorite PockeX color today.

Aspire PockeX 0.6Ω Atomizer

Rated 18-23 watts, the PockeX Atomizer has a 0.6Ω 316L stainless steel coil. The PockeX adopts U-Tech coil technology.

Aspire PockeX Top-Fill Tank

The PockeX introduces top-filling in an innovative new way. The atomizer screws into the top cap instead of tank bottom. This allows you to replace the atomizer without draining E-Liquid from tank. PockeX’s top fill design allows you to drip, drop or pour E-liquid into the 2ML tank.

PockeX Top-Fill Instructions:

  1. Unscrew and remove the top cap
  2. Squirt your favorite E-Liquid  into the tank ( Do not exceed the Max line when filling)
  3. Screw the top cap to the PockeX tank


Important: When using the atomizer for the first time, make sure to let the E-liquid wick until the cotton is fully saturated before firing. This should take around 2-3 minutes according to E-Liquid thickness. This will ensure your atomizer does not burn out.

Aspire PockeX Accessories:

1*PockeX AIO (0.6Ω Atomizer Pre-installed), 1* Replacement Atomizer 1* Micro-USB Cable, 1* User Manual, 1* Warranty Card

Aspire Nautilus Nano Tank: Classic BVC wrapped in new 2016 package



Aspire Nautilus Nano Tank:

The Aspire Nautilus Nano tank uses Aspire’s patented BVC coil technology and morphs the shape into a 2016 low profile tank.

The Aspire Nautilus Nano tank hold 2ML of E-Liquid and is bottom airflow adjustable.